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SMT Pick and Place Machine

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SMT (Surface Mount Technology) needs several types of equipment. SMT Pick and Place machine is the heart of surface mount.

What is SMT Pick and Place Machine?

SMT pick and place machine, also called pick and place robot, picks and places SMD electronic components onto the PCB prior to SMD soldering. These machines generally contribute to about 50% of the total cost of a complete SMT production line.

Some surface mount placement machine (pick and place machine) are very versatile and are capable of placing many different electronic components used in electronics, while others are dedicated to a few component types.

Pick and Place machines use vacuum pickup tools to hold the components. Few others also use vision-assisted alignment. In general, pick-and-place machines offer better speed, accuracy, and flexibility than through-hole insertion machines.

Our pick and place machine assures an efficient placement of numerous units like resistors, transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors on one or more PCBs at lightning speed.

AUSPI Panasonic NPM SMT Line Capacity:

Surface mounting components:01005 ~ 120mm ,Max. Height: 12mm and space 0.3mm high density surface mounting

Surface Mounting Accuracy :+0.03mm

Surface Mounting Speed:Peaking: 90000points/Hour/line

Error correct capability:Identify the marks on PCB and adjust automatically if there have offset. ;Multi-function identify, adjust for all components

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