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PCB Prototype

In Auspi, we staff New Product Introduction (NPI) and prototyping professionals with years of experience to prototype products through the same manufacturing process that will be developed for sustaining production. We believe the prototype process is in place to discover current or potential issues, validate designs, and assist companies towards production. We also understand the pressures of getting products to market quickly and can support quick-turn prototypes.

What We Offer

  • Proof of Concept
  • Design Reviews
  • Prototype
  • Pre-Production
  • To Market
  • Volume Production 

Starting from 2003, Over the years, Auspi extensive prototyping experience has endowed its engineering team with valuable knowledge that the company is happy to share. Auspi team can advise on all aspects of prototype design to simplify manufacturing and test, and streamline the entire build process to optimize product improvement. This expertise extends across the spectrum of electronic circuit technologies, so prototypes and pre-production units can be surface mount, through-hole, or mixed technology products.

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With over 19 years of experience, Auspi has been one of the most successful in satisfying our clients across industries. With facilities in both Europe and Asia, we can satisfy both your geographical and cost requirements. And we always tread a fine line between the quality and the cost. We strive to make every penny of yours counts for the quality! Also, in today’s constantly changing and competitive environment of the electronics industry, there are always news products & services coming in to the market. We make ourselves constantly competitive by extending our service offerings for our clients, out most valuable partners!

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