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About us

Auspi was founded in 2003, a high-tech enterprise to offer PCB designing, manufacturing, and assembling service to customers, as a service-leading PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly (PCBA) partner, providing the highest quality, flexible and reasonable price services to our customers within industrial, medical, telecommunication and automotive industries, from business units and manufacturing locations within USA, Europe and Asia.

Auspi is flexible to our customer’s needs. We serve your needs in all PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly and box build, including rigid, flex and rigid-flex circuits. We can handle your toughest requirements with ease, with quick-turnaround, prototype, short-run or high volume production. Our services provide solutions from design activities, through manufacturing and logistics programs.

Our services will allow you to be the most competitive player in your market, by upholding your quality, and bringing you the edge in terms of pricing, access to dedicated & specialized production facilities in the cost-competitive country, and improvement of your supplying capability.

More than ever, outsourcing your electronic assembly needs is a critical decision for your company. We understand that you have many printed circuit board assembly companies to choose from, but if you are looking for a company that can provide top-notch customer satisfaction, industry expertise and superb value, you have chosen the right one by deciding on Auspi for your electronic manufacturing needs.

Our Vision

To be the pioneer of industrial revolution,by worldwide resources integrating via information technology.

Our Mission

To maximize the interests of all parties (Circuit boards industry and related), by enabling each party doing its good and specialized work.


Why us

Quickturn PCB Assembly
Quality, Service and Expertise
Smart Quoting
Prototype to Mass Production

World wide service network.



With over 19 years of experience, Auspi has been one of the most successful in satisfying our clients across industries. With facilities in both Europe and Asia, we can satisfy both your geographical and cost requirements. And we always tread a fine line between the quality and the cost. We strive to make every penny of yours counts for the quality! Also, in today’s constantly changing and competitive environment of the electronics industry, there are always news products & services coming in to the market. We make ourselves constantly competitive by extending our service offerings for our clients, out most valuable partners!

Quality, Service and Expertise
Smart Quoting
Prototype to Mass Production
World Wide Service Network.
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