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AUSPI PCBA Service Range

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Auspi provides PCBA service, low to medium MASS production volume. Our professional SMT factory has advanced equipment, such as the world-class stencil printing, SMT chip pick & place, solder reflow, and in-line testing and steel mesh manufacturing. AOI test machine and X-ray testing machines for quality check.

PCBA Main service

Below is our main services for PCB assembly:

1.Surface Mount Technology

2. Pin Through-hole Assembly

3. elective Wave Soldering

4. Conformal Coating

5. Complete box build

6. Inspection

Auspi Assembly capabilities: SMT AssemblyBGA AssemblyThrough-Hole AssemblyMixed AssemblyRigid Flex PCB Assembly Services, Electro Mechanical Assembly, Box Build AssemblyProduct AssemblyCable Assemblies.

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