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Auspi has been in the field of printed circuits boards and assemblies for over twenty years, and accumulated its competency compared to its customers local suppliers and offshore suppliers, as it has been always serving its clients by European service with Asian cost. We do consider as a best business model the combination of reasonable cost and added value in the additional services provided to our clients, which are improving our competitiveness on the market and helping us to establish best business model for each customer. As we do understand competitive pricing and stable quality as a minimum “must” in today’s challenging environment, we are constantly enlarging our scope of services provided to our clients, our most valuable partners. The brief analysis of offered services in the below table shows the flexibility and diversified service activity enabling us to satisfy large client base across industries:

Payment Terms

Based on our internal analysis system, we are able to offer open accounts with excellent conditions to those clients that can meet our transaction requirements, from the start of the business. This service is bringing significant advantage to the mutual business, helping to build trustful cooperation.


Part of our quality policy is prevention in all business activities and manufacturing steps. Although having excellent quality results, our company still has a large sense of liability and using various tools to protect our clients. Our industry is a large field with many supply channels, from the bottom ones up to the first-class suppliers and our mission is to work with clients closely on quality questions at any step of the manufacturing process, from design up to manufacturing and service level. Strategic and long-term partnership cannot be built without full trust and liability coverage, and Auspi is proud for its performance towards our partners. Our local presence in various countries is strengthening this value by on-site support and local insurance policies.


Flexibility is very important for electronic production. This can be related to 3 points, reaction time, lead time and capacity. We’re 24 hours available on urgent issue. Regarding lead time, we have both QTA (quick turnaround) production and normal production and even its possible to select production either in China, Europe or Mexico to meet the client lead time needs on different cost basis. For capacity, we always keeping an average free capacity of approximately 150,000sqm/month which is accumulated from in house production and from affiliates.

Local Presence/Support

To be close to client and provide services of quality and engineering as well as Sales on-site support that they need in time is one of our market strategies. As only in this way can support client success, which may also benefit ourselves. Local presence also eliminates client’s risks and speed up the communication. Local offices generally bring the value of close contact, multilingual sales staff and identical culture of doing business, enabling the client to feel very comfortable while setting up long distance business transactions.

Full Qualification

Auspi reached full certification list needed for its industry coverage, from ISO 9001, through IATF16949 up to ISO14001, enabling us to be present across industries and also being 100% environmentally friendly company, very important task in our industry. The certification was reached through BSI certification body. Our full UL/CUL certification is valid for rigid, rigid-flex and flexible circuits, creating for us special place in the market, due to rare presence of such full certification list available.

All-win Partnership

Auspi is the extension of our customers, being part of the team and taking ownership in the time-to-market focus, helping to develop the products, make them efficient and cost effective through manufacturing, and most of all, the most reliable in the field. We’re creating the future together, and its then an All-win partnership. Auspi is not looking for profitable instant business, but long-term business which may bring long term future partnership.

Advance Communication Platform & Information System

Auspi is well equipment with advanced information technology, supported by its subsidiary VSIT. We have our own automation system, which enables Auspi staff works closely in a same system globally. And our communication system can be anywhere anytime available. Client can dial local calls in their country and then dial the extension to reach Auspi staff in any location. Client can use skype/msn to communicate with our internal online system which are 24*7hours available. Also, tele-conference or online conference are any time available, we can easily provide our engineering and quality support via this to client.

Experience and Reputation in high class industries

Auspi is recognized as a supplier into high class industries, gaining constantly its reputation. Being qualified by the major OEM car manufacturers, medical and industrial products manufacturers, Auspi is enjoying a good reputation among the clients.

Professional Support

Auspi staff is combined from professionals with long term experience, very often from an experience from the first-class worldwide manufacturing companies. Our active presence in IPC, CPCA, SPCA and other worldwide recognized associations is strengthening our quality level in all aspects of the business. Our advanced manufacturing capability and professional support may support your success. The detailed pre-study of each business case is securing stability and guarantee for each business case we enter into with our partners.

One stop solution, mixed capabilities

Generally, each factory is just focusing on one type of boards due to the limitation of manufacturing capability or investment capacity. However, at Auspi, you can make everything happened, no matter it is conventional pcbs or high-density multilayer boards; no matter it is quick turn or standard lead time, no matter it is rigid or fpc or rigid-flex We provide bare boards as well as integrated services for electronic manufacturing, such as assembly, design or OEM etc. Our one stop solutions are supported from Asian, European and America sources.

Safety Stock/Consignment

With the local presence advantage, we’re able to run consignment agreement with our valuable clients for agreed projects to meet the quick reaction on requirement fluctuation and comfort with stock in hand anytime. While this being very rare for offshore supplies, Auspi is bringing this service into reality.

Other beneficial policies

Our only goal for market is to support client’s growth, and us being a successful partner for it. Large variety of support will include free samples submission, design service participation, materials selection, laboratory tests, etc. As a customer-oriented supplier, we set our processes to turn into reality each customer demand, even going above industrial standards. Auspi is running always to be your most reliable supplier.

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