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Key characteristics of medical FPC

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Medical devices and wearable device of a main trend is miniaturization, these small tools need to be as small as possible, at the same time will reliably perform its specified functions. Flexible circuit to solve the challenges of medical FPC manufacturers. One of the significant features of the medical FPC is that it allows medical FPC manufacturers make smaller devices.

Miniaturization is a major trend in medical and wearable crevices, and these gadgets need to be as small as possible while still have to perform their designated functions reliably. Thanks to flexible circuits(FPC), it solves various challenges faced by medical manufacturers, which its distinguishing feature is that it allows medical manufacturers to manufacture their devices as smaller as possible.

Dynamic bending

Most medical devices required to have extraordinary bending capabilities themselves. Cause, during usage, medical devices often expand/contract, a flexible curved nature of medical device play a decisive role in the applications. For the health care industry designer, flexibility is especially challenging, because in the past, this is not a major consideration in medical electronic products. Most early medical devices in the past are bigger, stronger. With the emergence of flexible circuits, medical equipment is developing to a more compact, durable and flexible.


Minimize the join and simplify the flexible circuit assembly. The characteristics of flexible circuit eliminates interconnection bad solder defects such as opportunity. Medical FPC basically made of polyimide materials. The polyimide FPC material can resist various environmental and chemical changes. Medical FPC material ductility and flexibility of minimize the influence of the events of the impact and vibration.

Reliability is the ability of a system to continue to perform its required function without degradation or failure.For medical and wearable device, reliability becomes critical. Generally speaking, interconnect points are potential sources of electrical failure. Flexible circuitry minimizes connection points and simplifies assembly, help such devises eliminates defects cause by interconnects.

Space and weight

A new era of medical equipment and wearable devices is one of the dynamic characteristics of the size of the minimum. These small tools needed to function in the implementation of the at the same time, must be as small as possible. In the health-care industry growing demand for such a small device, make medical FPC become the ideal choice for such equipment. Flexible circuit with thin copper layer and insulating layer. Therefore, medical FPC bending radius can minimize according to need. As a result, these medical FPC can adapt to a narrow space.

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