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pcb assembly service

What is PCBA?

PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly), namely electronics assembly is a process of attaching electronic components onto the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). When you look at

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Flex PCB and its Uses

Flexible PCB is also called flexible circuits, FPC, Flex PCB. It is a kind of technology used for assembling electronic circuit by mounting electronic devices

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PCB Design

Why You Need to Hire a PCB Engineer At first glance, a CAD designer and PCB engineer do very similar work. They’re both showing the

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Auspi SMT Capability

16 SMT lines 13 AI lines 21 DIP lines CELL Lines SMT FLOW CHART DIP FLOW CHART (Through Hole) Quality control Key Machine/Equipment Fully automatic printer HITO Plus Panasonic

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A reflow oven is an electronic heating device that is used to mount electronic components on printed circuit boards (PCB) through surface mount technology (SMT).

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