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Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) in PCBs

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When you use printed circuit boards (PCBs) in your projects, you need to be sure they’ll perform well and make your clients happy. It’s essential to have a dependable way to test PCBs for flaws and ensure that they function as intended.

Printed circuit boards are becoming smaller and more complex — today’s PCB manufacturing may contain thousands of soldered joints and a multitude of tiny components. That increased complexity can give rise to a greater likelihood of errors. When a standard visual inspection(manual inspection) is not enough to detect minute imperfections in a densely crowded board in inspection process, inspection equipment like automated optical inspection (AOI Test) help provide greater insight and accuracy in prototype or mass production

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What is Automated optical inspection(AOI)?

Automated optical inspection (AOI-automated optical inspection aoi systems) is a machine-based technique with high resolution used to test and check PCB for potential errors, such as surface defects, dimensional defects, as well as component placement defects. Among many Inspection methods, such as Visual Inspection, Ray Inspection(X-ray),AOI equipment plays an important role in checking the PCB assembly process(circuit board assemblies). What’s more, it does make a great effect on getting the necessary product quality in the production line with low cost.


An AOI system contains light sources and cameras that take pictures or videos from different angles to create a comprehensive image for assessment.

AOI measurement generally uses a machine scanner to scan the device autonomously, without the need for human visual inspection. The scanner can check for defects that could cause catastrophic failure, as well as smaller flaws that would diminish the quality and performance of the PCB.

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