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What is SPI in SMT Process?

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SPI is the abbreviation of Solder Paste Inspection in SMT Process.

What is the usage of SPI (Solder Paste Inspection)? What can it help?

When you are able to use an SPI machine to detect any possible defects in the solder paste application, you can catch mistakes early on in the process. This allows for adjustments to the printing process before your PCB is populated and the cost to repair has increased significantly.  The machine needs to measure accurately not only the length and width, but also the height, volume, and area of the solder paste feature.

This machine can catch defects early in the process, and it can save time and money. The solder paste must be applied consistently and accurately, and it is critical to detect any problems as soon as possible. Having the ability to measure the three dimensional aspects of the solder paste on the PCB allows you to find these issues early on so that you can make necessary changes to improve functionality of the PCB, which will reduce your reworks and improve your profits.


1. In actual production and processing, the configuration of SPI online inspection on the SMT patch line can effectively reduce the unqualified rate of patch processing, greatly reduce the cost of repair and scrap, and effectively improve the quality of the factory products.

2. When online SPI detection and online AOI detection are used in combination, real-time feedback and optimization of the SMT chip processing production line can make the production quality more stable, greatly shorten the unstable trial production stage that must be experienced.

3. It can greatly reduce the misjudgment rate of AOI checking about soldering, thereby improving the pass-through rate and effectively saving the manpower and time cost of manual error correction.

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