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Multi-Base Operation for the Pan America Market

We also understand customer concern regarding the ‘China Plus‘ concept, struggling between Asian cost and nearshoring advantages.

Auspi, as a global company, strategically positions its operations across different regions. We have established our production facilities in both China and Mexico, allowing us to offer a dynamic and flexible supply chain solution.

By positioning our Mexican production in Tijuana and Monterrey as a hot backup to our China operations and Czech facilities, we ensure that our clients can always enjoy the best possible advantages.

Auspi commits to delivering exceptional quality and value, ensuring our clients’ businesses are resilient against any potential disruptions.

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Nearshoring Solutions for North America

Benefits of Manufacturing in Mexico with AUSPI Global Networks

Nearshoring solutions for manufacturing in Mexico involve relocating or outsourcing production processes to Mexico, taking advantage of the country’s proximity to the United States and other markets in North America. This approach offers several benefits for businesses looking to optimize their supply chain and manufacturing operations. Here are key nearshoring solutions for manufacturing in Mexico.

Proximity to Major Markets

Reduced Shipping Times and Costs: Nearshoring to Mexico provides geographical proximity to major consumer markets, especially the United States. This reduces shipping times and transportation costs compared to offshoring to distant locations.

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Cost Competitiveness

Labor Cost Savings: While labor costs in Mexico may be higher than in some Asian countries, they are generally lower than in the United States. This cost advantage can contribute to overall cost competitiveness.
Operational Efficiency: Nearshoring allows for more agile and efficient supply chain management, reducing lead times and optimizing production processes.

Intellectual Property Protection

Strengthened IP Protection: Compared to some offshore destinations, Mexico has stronger intellectual property protection, providing a more secure environment for companies concerned about safeguarding their proprietary technologies and designs.

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Trade Agreements and Tariff Reductions

Access to Free Trade Agreements: Mexico has various free trade agreements, including the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which facilitates smoother trade and reduces tariffs for goods traded between these countries. This can result in cost savings for businesses.

Skilled Workforce

Educated and Skilled Labor: Mexico has a growing pool of skilled and educated workers, particularly in the manufacturing sector. Nearshoring allows companies to tap into this workforce for specialized manufacturing needs.

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Cultural Affinity

Shared Time Zones and Cultural Similarities: Similar time zones and cultural affinity with North American businesses can improve communication and collaboration, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings and improving overall operational efficiency.

Quick Response to Market Changes

Agile Production: Proximity enables a faster response to changes in market demand, allowing companies to adjust production schedules, implement design changes, and manage inventory more effectively.

Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

Closer Supplier Collaboration: Nearshoring allows for closer collaboration with suppliers, promoting better communication and coordination in the supply chain.

Environmental Considerations

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Nearshoring can contribute to a reduced carbon footprint due to shorter transportation distances, aligning with sustainability goals.

Infrastructure Development

Improved Infrastructure: Mexico has been investing in improving its infrastructure, including transportation and logistics, which enhances the efficiency of manufacturing operations.

Stable Political Environment

Political Stability: Mexico generally has a stable political environment, contributing to a more predictable and secure business environment.

AUSPI Nearshoring Solutions

When considering nearshoring solutions, businesses should carefully evaluate their specific manufacturing needs, the regulatory environment, and the capabilities of potential partners in Mexico.

Conducting thorough due diligence and building strong partnerships are key to successful nearshoring initiatives.

Sourcing in China vs Sourcing in Mexico

Sourcing Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA) in China and Mexico both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a list of aspects, facts, pros, and cons for each location:

Sourcing in China:


  • Economies of Scale: China is known for its large-scale manufacturing capabilities, allowing for cost-effective production due to economies of scale.
  • Supply Chain Infrastructure: China has a well-established and efficient supply chain infrastructure for electronics manufacturing, making it easier to source components and materials.
  • Technological Expertise: China has a highly skilled workforce and access to advanced technologies, enabling high-quality PCBAs.
  • Speed of Production: China’s manufacturing facilities are often equipped to handle large volumes of orders quickly.



  • Intellectual Property Concerns: There have been historical concerns regarding intellectual property protection in China, which may be a consideration, especially for proprietary designs.
  • Language and Communication Barriers: Language differences and communication challenges may arise, leading to misunderstandings and potential issues in production.
  • Quality Control: While there are high-quality manufacturers in China, maintaining consistent quality across different suppliers can be challenging.
  • Logistics and Shipping: Long shipping times and potential customs-related delays can be factors to consider when sourcing from China.

Sourcing in Mexico:


  • Proximity to North American Markets: Sourcing from Mexico provides geographical proximity to the North American market, reducing shipping times and costs.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: Mexico generally has stronger intellectual property protection compared to some regions, providing a more secure environment for proprietary designs.
  • Cultural Affinity: Shared time zones and cultural similarities can facilitate better communication and collaboration between buyers and suppliers.
  • Skilled Labor Force: Mexico has a skilled and educated workforce, offering expertise in electronics manufacturing.


  • Higher Labor Costs: Labor costs in Mexico are generally higher than in China, potentially impacting the overall cost of production.
  • Smaller Scale Production Facilities: Mexico may not have the same level of large-scale manufacturing facilities as China, limiting production capacities for very high-volume orders.
  • Dependency on U.S. Economy: The Mexican economy is closely tied to the U.S., making it susceptible to economic fluctuations in the United States.
  • Limited Component Availability: While Mexico has a growing electronics industry, the availability of specialized components may not be as extensive as in China.


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