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Auspi’s PCB Assembly The Trailblazer of The Industrial Era

Established in 2003, Auspi is a technology company that aims to provide its clients with PCB designing, manufacturing, and assembling. Austin is a service-leading PCB manufacturer and PCB assembly partner that provides top quality, adjustable and affordable services to its various clients. They service clients in Europe and Asia in the industrial, medical, telecommunication and automotive industries.

More than ever, outsourcing your assembly needs is a critical decision for your business. We understand that we have many PCB assembly companies to choose from. Still, for a company that can offer the best customer satisfaction, industry experience and outstanding value for money, you’ve chosen the best by selecting Auspi for all your e- manufacturing needs.


E-manufacturers, most often than not, rely on many different suppliers and contractors to acquire their materials, subassemblies and all the other elements to ship their final products to esteemed customers.

At Auspi, we provide complete electronics assembly services with the highest possible level of complexity, flexibility and reliability.




PCB assembly

PCB Assembly is one of our core services, from multi-layered to versatile computer circuit boards. Auspi is your one-stop buy computer circuit board assembly, testing, and trade goods sourcing of boards and different materials.


Auspi has over decades of expertise with Box Build Assembly for full product integration. We tend to work at intervals in several industrial, commercial, medical, telecommunications, and automotive markets.

Printed Circuits 

Since 2003, Auspi has provided our customers with a computer circuit board producing with top quality and competitive worth. No matter whether or not it’s used for image or production, Auspi also can meet your PCB-producing desires through a spread of materials and technologies.

The Auspi dedicated team of PCB professionals can give you the only innovative and cost-efficient solutions for your front-end style through production. Welcome to contact us!

Types Of Written Circuits


Auspi provides computer circuit board producing with top-quality and competitive worth to our customers. No matter whether or not it’s used for image or production, Auspi also can meet your PCB-producing desires through a spread of materials and technologies.

A flexible printed circuit, also called a flex printed circuit, could be a remarkable variety of computer circuit boards wherever the board has a minimum of a little pliant. A typical use case of flex circuits is remarked as FFC (flexible flat cable) and is employed to replace cable wires and connectors.

Rigid Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCBs are boards that employ versatile associated rigid board technologies in an application. Most rigid-flex panels accommodate multiple layers of versatile circuit substrates connected to 1 or additional rigid boards outwardly and/or internally, relying upon the planning of the appliance.

NPI Prototyping

In Austin, we employ New First Appearance (NPI) and prototyping professionals with years of expertise to image products through constant producing methods that may be developed for sustaining production. We tend to believe the image method is in situ to get current or potential problems, validate styles, and assist corporations towards production. We also perceive the pressures of obtaining the product to plug quickly and may support quick-turn prototypes.

Volume Production

Starting 2003, Auspi intensive prototyping expertise has endowed its engineering team with valuable data that the corporate is happy to share. Auspi team will advise on all aspects of image style to modify producing and check and contour the whole build method to optimize product improvement.

This experience extends across the spectrum of electronic circuit technologies; therefore, prototypes and pre-production units are often surface mount, through-hole, or hybrid technology products.

Supply Chain Management  

At Auspi, we offer our customers innovative, galore offer chain solutions. Our approach to producing chain management provides a whole business model that delivers the talent and transformative tools necessary to reach a conclusion, dependability, and responsiveness across the whole offer chain. We’ve got well-established, in-factory, vendor-managed inventory programs to develop the foremost cost-efficient, versatile producing solutions.

Global Sourcing 

Our sourcing groups are globally positioned to go looking out and develop the foremost cost-efficient material offer offered. Our international trade goods reach permits Auspi to utilize the most effective suppliers around the globe. In contrast, our regional trade goods groups bring the price to native customers requiring distinctive solutions for their regional desires.

So if you are looking for a professional and trusted partner for PCB assembly, Auspi is the company to get in touch with Auspi.

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