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Auspi automotive Lighting Assembly

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About Auspi automotive Lighting business

Founded in 2003, as a high-tech enterprise, Auspi has been offering top-notch PCB designing, manufacturing, and assembling services and more to the customers. We are a service-orientated PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly (PCBA) partner, providing high-quality and flexible services at automotive manufacturing, and more.

What Auspi can do for automotive Lighting?

In automotive Lighting, auspi provides automotive light pcb, automotive light pcba (and automotive light pcb assembly), integrates a wide and complete range of top notch pcb and pcb assembly solutions for external automotive lighting systems, as well as innovative sensors to support future ADAS/AD features including LiDAR-sensor technology.

Innovation, performance, and quality in the development, production, and delivery of intelligent lighting systems are met by combining extraordinary design and innovative technology with the highest quality standards.

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